Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chinese Anger At Q3 Iron Ore Prices Rise

Further 23 Per Cent Asked For Iron Ore

Chinese steel mills have expressed outrage as Vale and BHP propose an iron ore price of $160 per tonne for the third quarter.

"BHP has recently informed us that they will raise third quarter iron ore prices, including freight, to 160 U.S. dollars a ton, which is unacceptable for us," according to an official from a large steel mill.

"We will become unprofitable with such prices on the back of a persistent fall in steel prices," the source said.

The price is 23 percent higher than that in the second quarter.

One source suggested that the price was unreasonable given the fall in spot prices in recent weeks.

"We will see a complete loss in the steel industry if the much-talked-about price is inked, and most small-sized mills will go bankrupt," said Chu Xueliang, an analyst at China Jianyin Investment Securities.

"We estimate that the acceptable price for Chinese steel mills is around 130 U.S. dollars per ton in the third quarter," Chu said.

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